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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is solar energy reliable and powerful enough for my home or business?

A: The only time your solar panels stop generating electricity is when the sun’s not out. That means at night and few winter periods. The sunrises and sets pretty routinely. Solar energy is more predictable and reliable than power plants, which often experience outages several thousand times every year.

Q:  Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy, rainy, or snowy days? What about at night?

A: Your solar panels don’t need sunshine, per se, to generate electricity as much as they need direct, unobstructed access to the sun’s UV rays. Your solar panels will still generate electricity during cloudy and rainy day — they just won’t produce as much energy as they do during clear days. Solar panels do not generate electricity at night since the sun is not out. 

Q: How much will I really save on my electricity bills every month?

A: That depends on how much electricity your home or business uses, the rate the utility company charges for electricity, and several other factors.Most solar providers aim to offset 70–90% of your monthly electricity bill, so that’s a good place to start your calculations. 

Q: How harmful is shading to solar panels

A: Very harmful. It affects not only the performance of your system but also the lifespan of your panels.When a cell on a panel is shaded, it stops the production proportional to the percentage of light that is blocked on a cell. This causes the production of the panel and the others on that string to lower to this weakest point. Also, the good cells are fighting the blockage, causing temperatures to rise drastically across the shaded cells. This reduces the panel’s lifespan and can even cause fires in extreme cases..

Solar systems and what they can power

  1. 12V system: Basic entertainment system for up to 15 LED lights, 1 LED/LCD TV, phones and laptop charging.
  2. 24V system: Basic entertainment plus one refrigerator
  3. 48V system: Basic entertainment, 2 Refrigerators, Borehole Pump, Booster Pump, Microwave.

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